Friday, May 02, 2008

[ Blue Hat Day 1 ]

I'm not going to say much in this post because I'm really tired right now. Mostly because I traveled today and it's 3:30 am in my time zone. But I'm back in Seattle again (last time was about two weeks ago) and this time it's for Microsoft's Blue Hat conference.

Microsoft held a welcoming party for everybody at the See Sound Lounge in downtown fairly close to the waterfront. Pretty cool place, live DJ, good finger foods and free alcohol. I got to hang out with Nate, Billy, John, Kev, Nitesh, h1kar1, kuza55, fukami, Peleus Uhley and Dan "Sombrero" Kaminsky. I think I see some of these guys more than I see my girlfriend these days.

But anyway, seems like they have a great line up of speakers and topics here and I'm really honored that I was invited to attend. Let the talks begin!

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