Sunday, April 20, 2008

[ toorcon Seattle was Awesome ]

I had a great time at toorcon Seattle. The talks were awesome.

Dan Kaminsky dropped a bomb about how ISPs were taking non-existent subdomains and redirecting them to ad-servers. And let's say these web sites serving up these ads contain an XSS...yeah, MASS pwnage. Gotta love how docucment.domain works. Dan actually rickrolled us all.

And then John Heasman's talk about the Java browser plugin and Java Web Start was equally enlightening. Sun has some major problems in their implementations of certain aspects of Java. Anyway, I hope Kev is included more in the next version of his talk...

Katie Moussouris gave a pretty interesting talk on her role at Microsoft and what they're trying to do for responsible disclosure...WHAT? I said Microsoft really is advocating responsible disclosure these days...WHAT?! I said Microsoft seems to really be turning things around...OK!!!!

The talk Nate and I did on URI Use and Abuse seemed to get a good response as well. Anyway, there were other great talks that I'm too tired to include right now, but I just want to commend the toorcon team. They really outdid themselves with the parties they threw at the Public N3rd Area and the Last Supper Club. Hats off to all of them. Toorcon San Diego last year was the first one I had ever been to but I'm going to try to make it a point to come back to as many toorcons as possible.

Especially the one in the cooling tower of the half-built nuclear plant!

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